SAIT Summer Camps will be launching a new website in early January with the 2019 schedule. Registration opens Jan. 21.

Welcome Parents, Mentors & Teachers

Whether your future camper is in elementary school or starting to make post-secondary decisions, the experience at SAIT Summer Camps is going to be a good one.

We engage all our campers in activities that inspire and embrace individual interests and passions and offer opportunities for insight, creativity, and career exploration. We also focus on the enhancement of essential skills.

Camp programming is developed by or under the guidance of SAIT instructors, teachers and industry professionals; some camps are led by SAIT instructors and industry professionals.

We encourage parents, mentors and teachers to actively participate in camp selection and take advantage of – and have fun with! – the fulfilling summer camp experience we offer. Additionally, volunteers are always welcome.

To prepare you and your camper for their first day, please read SAIT Summer Camps Policies and Procedures

Learn more with our frequently asked questions.