Supply Chain of Command Register For This Camp

Grades: 4 - 6
Course Code: SCMP 174
Week 5: July 30 – Aug. 3
Cost: $289
CRN: 11884

Help! A fierce storm on Mars has destroyed much of the colony, and we need to find a way to get supplies up to them as soon as we can if they are to survive! Join SAIT Mission Control and help plan out the rescue mission, such as prioritizing what the colonists need, how we can get it to them, and what we can do to complete urgent repairs on vital machinery when the only parts are on a different planet. Remember that sending ships to Mars is never easy, and you’ll have to be prepared for every eventuality if the colonists are going to survive!

This camp will focus on the enhancement of the following Essential Skills

Document use, Numeracy, Thinking,