Weld-a-Saurus, Introduction Register For This Camp

Grades: 7 - 12
Course Code: CAMP 186
Week 3: July 16 – 20
Cost: $525
CRN: 10358

Additional weeks of this camp

Week 1: July 3 - July 6 (4 Days) Cost: $455 CRN: 10356
Week 2: July 9 - July 13 Cost: $525 CRN: 10357
Week 4: July 23 - July 27 Cost: $525 CRN: 10667
Week 5: July 30 - Aug 3 Cost: $525 CRN: 11333
Week 7: Aug 13 - Aug 17 Cost: $525 CRN: 11444

The age of the dinosaur is back and you can be part of the re-creation! Start by learning how to use a MIG welder and basic welding techniques such as beading, padding and the gas metal arc welding process. Practice your skills by welding a variety of projects and then transform a steel plate into the skeleton of a dinosaur! Take home your welding creations at the end of the week.

This camp will focus on the enhancement of the following Essential Skills

Continuous learning, Document use, Reading

Eye and hearing protection will be provided. Campers are required to adhere to the safety precautions outlined by the instructors; safety infractions may lead to removal from the camp.

All participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes with a good tread; no sandals or open-toe shoes permitted in the shop. Steel-toed boots are preferred but not required. Rubber boots are also appropriate footwear. Do not wear canvas/cloth shoes, as the sparks may burn through the material. Long pants are required to be worn in the shop; no shorts, capris, low-cut tops, or loose clothing that could get caught in power tools. Coveralls or clothes that can get dirty are preferred. Campers with long hair should ensure that they bring hair elastics to tie back their hair.

Oversized take home items