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Grades: 4 - 6
Course Code: SCMP 134
Week 2: July 9 – 13
Cost: $259
CRN: 10681

Additional weeks of this camp

Week 4: July 23 - July 27 Cost: $259 CRN: 10682
Week 7: Aug 13 - Aug 17 Cost: $259 CRN: 10683

Marie Curie discovered plutonium and radioactivity. Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian female astronaut. Savvy Science Girls camp is all about discovering new ideas and exploring the world of science with a focus on how women have contributed to its advancement. Explore a wide range of topics which may include forensics analysis, robotics, osmosis, solar power, cellular and plant life and the chemistry behind soaps.

This camp will focus on the enhancement of the following Essential Skills

Numeracy, Thinking, Working with others