SAIT Summer Camps will be launching a new website in early January with the 2019 schedule. Registration opens Jan. 21.

Bursary Program Regulations

Expectations of the Bursary Recipient

Campers granted a bursary are expected to write a Thank You letter c/o SAIT Summer Camps. This Thank You letter is due on the last day of camp. This letter should address the meaning the camp experience had to the camper (e.g. learning, new interests, new ideas for careers, new friends). Campers will not be permitted into Friday’s camp without this letter.

Bursary funds are distributed on the basis of financial need and are granted to those who would not be able to attend even one camp without financial assistance.

Enrolling and paying for your child to attend another SAIT Summer Camp when you have applied for and/or received a bursary, will result in your child being disqualified from bursary consideration and/or the cancellation of his/her bursary funding.

Priority will be given to families who have not received a bursary in the past.

Withdrawing from a Camp after being Granted a Bursary

In the event that you withdraw your child(ren) from SAIT Summer Camps before the camp commences, you are required to call SAIT Summer Camps at 403.210.5650. SAIT Summer Camps will arrange for your child’s withdrawal from the camp and will give the bursary to another approved applicant.

Failure to notify SAIT Summer Camps that you have withdrawn your child(ren) before or during the camp will result in your child being disqualified from all camp bursary considerations in the future.

Bursary Transfers to Other SAIT Summer Camps

Camp bursaries will only be transferred to a different camp if the camp your child is enrolled in is cancelled by SAIT. SAIT can only transfer the bursary to camps with available space.

Bursaries will not be transferred due to parent/child request to attend a different camp. Bursaries are non-transferable to a different recipient.