SAIT Summer Camps will be launching a new website in early January with the 2019 schedule. Registration opens Jan. 21.


"Being that my son in in Jr High, SAIT has the best camps available for his age range.  We wanted him to try out some real life skills in a fun and safe environment to start to see things that might interest him for a career. Letting Sam get some hands on experience with engineering, construction, auto mechanics, computer skills is a great way for him to learn what he likes and doesn't like so he can choose courses and options in school that can assist him in choosing a trade school, university or college after high school. It also teaches him to be organized with the courses needed for enrollment for these post secondary options is crucial."


"Having fun while still using your brain to learn something new and interesting, coupled with the hot lunch service and mandatory recreational break, is the best combination for my child. Not all kids are outdoor enthusiasts or sporty people, and most summer camps are all outdoors and play sports at the local park in their area all day. SAIT offers this but also offers extraordinary fun ways to keep the not-so-sporty kids' brains in motion while on holidays and still get that bit of exercise done."


"I heard about SAIT from a friend of mine last year and enrolled my children. SAIT has really got such an amazing selection and the kids LOVE the camps. Add to that, my children are coming up to the older age camps and they can actually learn very useful skills and it makes these camps all that much more valuable. This year I was EXTREMELY lucky to be a recipient of the bursary program which helped MORE than I can say considering I lost my job. I cannot not say enough positive about the SAIT programs. I send my kids to two camps a year!"